How it Works

How to Book an Appointment

1. Visit to choose the specific class or subject you would like help with.

2. Choose your preferred qualified tutor and the date/time.

3. Create a new profile or sign in with “Setmore Login.” You will need an email account to show your Grizz Time teacher your emailed appointment confirmation; otherwise, your teacher will not let you go to your appointment.

4. Book the appointment!

More detailed instructions below!

How to Sign Up and Book Your Appointment

1. Visit our booking page.

2. If you don't have an account, click "Login" in the upper right-hand corner and click "Create New Profile." Please remember to log in when you book appointments. You get your appointment confirmation and have the ability to change them or cancel!

3. Log in and choose whatever subject you need help with, then the qualified tutor you are most comfortable with.

4. Tutor sessions take place during Grizz Time at school. You have total control over the date the session takes place!

5. Confirm your appointment so your tutor will be notified. Have fun at your appointment!